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Thursday, December 27, 2012

2013 FREE Education Classes and Documentary

All classes are Free.  Space is limited.  Please sign up in our office, call or email to reserve your spot.  Also be sure to watch Facebook and emails for additional dates or changes.

Eat Well-Move Well-Think Well Class

Humans have become the world's sickest animals. Why is this? What can we do about it? With our health status in continual decline, it's time to look beyond drugs and surgery as solutions to the pandemic of chronic illness.
Dr. Chestnut dispels the common myth that we are sick because of bad luck, bad germs or bad genes. Dr. Chestnut uses research and common logic to prove that the only viable solution for wellness and prevention is adopting a lifestyle based on our genetic requirements for healthy eating, moving and thinking.
"No drug or surgery will ever be the solution to health problems created by improper nutrition, inactivity, or emotional stress."
Your health is the direct manifestation of how you choose to eat, move, and think.
In order to be well, you must eat well, move well, and think well.
Total Length: 120mins

2013 Dates (Dates and Times May be Subject to Change Due to Weather and Holidays )

January 24th
                      March 21st
                   April 25th
                    May 16th
                  June 20th
                July 25th
                   August 22nd
                     September 19th
                 October 17th
                 November 21st

Doc+U=Movie Night  Free Documentary Movie Night at Meek Chiropractic

January 29th-Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead


February 26th-Knives over Forks

 Forks Over Knives - The DVD

March 26th-Doctored


April 30th-Bursynski-Cancer is Serious Business


May 21st-Food, Inc.

Food, Inc.

June 25th-Food Matters


July 30th-King Corn

Product Details

August 27th-Escape Fire


September 24th-Super Size Me

Product Details

October 29th-The Business of Being Born

 The Business of Being Born
 November 12th-Killer at Large

 Killer at Large


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